Monday, March 21, 2011

Too Much Detail - Refinement

So I was using a new app the other day and noticed the developer also used the same code (available to anyone) that we use in Battery Stat Pro albeit with one glaring exception.

This app doesn't set the color to the current value... which quite frankly I find very inconvenient from a user perspective. You launch the app, tap the color block and then touch anywhere and the color changes, always to a color you didn't want ;-).


Launches with yellow selected regardless or current selection

(sorry for the odd colors)
Battery Stat Pro (& Battery Stat) launch with your selected color.. er, um... selected

However, maybe I'm the only one to notice or care... it took me less than an hour to code and verify my modifications... perhaps I should have spent that time doing something else...

...perhaps not. ;-)

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