Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beta Testing Requirements

First of all, thank you for considering to help us beta test our product. Beta testing is an important part of attaining a smooth, stable and polished app so we truly value your contribution. 

Here are some guidelines and expectations to help understand the process.

First some do's and don'ts
DO show the app to your family & friends
DO have fun using the app
DO record as much detail as possible

DON'T post screenshots or photos
DON'T post any videos of usage

You will receive a zip file from us that contains the application (<appname>.ipa) and a provisioning file. Drag both of these items into iTunes and then sync your device. you may have to select the app in the list if it does not automatically install.

General Testing:

Give feedback on the icon and the name of the app
Take note of the emotional response during the 1st usage of the app
Take some time to use the app first and note how quickly you understood it
Please use the app in variety of settings:
* Your natural environment
* Alone and focusing on the product
* In an idle moment (waiting for something)
* With friends
Take note of anything that takes too long (or has you waiting too long) for your taste.
Proceed to technical after using the app naturally a couple or more times.

Technical Testing:

Try to tap on every button, menu and submenu
If a crash occurs, please retrace the actions leading up to the crash
Check for performance issues
Check for sound related issues

General Information:

Usually the app will only run for 7 to 10 days. Three (3) days after your first launch it should ask you to review it. Please test that too. Note: it should open up the App Store to a review page (not the actual app if in pre-release beta).

Have fun with the app and use the in-app e-mail to report your findings, negative and (hopefully) positive feedback, recommendations and reactions. You can also forward the in-app e-mail to your computer to fill it out and then send it to meachwarebeta[at]gmail[dot]com. 

Once again, thank you and we ask for your continued support when we release the final app. Remember to send in your report so we can send out the promo code once the app has been approved.

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