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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Icon Set Creator v3.0 (iOS 8)

Previous post here: iOS Icon set Creator

So here's what the updated Automator workflow does:
Asks for your base (1024x1024) icon image then duplicates it, scales it and renames it, rinse and repeat until all twelve  (12) icons are created.

Notes: You can use the 1024 size icon to upload to iTunes Connect. Icon names have been revised to match Xcode 6 for easy drag and drop.

File listing:


The workflow WILL NOT overwrite any existing files so make sure to put your base image in its own folder.

1000 words..... (very, very old screenshots...)

Test folder with 1024 icon (can be named whatever you want)

Launch Automator app and click the Run button...
Browse to and select your 1024 icon file
This is where the "magic" happens (lol!)

Completed folder with shiny new icons, yeah!
(Very old image)

In the zip file is a second Automator "application" named "Create iOS Iconset Droplet iOS8". You don't run this application you simply drop your 1024 icon onto it and the magic happens... sweet right? I know... :-]

To use the droplet, just drag the droplet to your Dock. Now when you need a set of icons, place your master image in a folder, then drag it on top of the droplet and give it about 3 seconds and its done. This has a permanent home in my Dock.

Download link: CLICK ME

Monday, October 13, 2014

iOS 8 & iTunes Connect

Quick post:

Using Xcode v6.0.1 when you submit a second update you MUST update the build number otherwise you'll get an error about "Build xxx" already exists.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Xcode 6, Simulator & iOS 8

Um yeah so what's up with the "features" in Xcode 6?

1: The "new" Devices window only show about 10-12 lines of the device log - um yeah, thanks Apple, that's helpful! NOT.

2: Being familiar with shortcut key combos; we all know that {CMD} + {SHIFT} + {K} will Klean the build (see what I did there) but now in the simulator there's the SAME combination that will DISABLE the on-screen keyboard. So, make sure your have Xcode selected before you press that key combo! Yeah I futzed around debugging that non-existing problem for about 30 minutes! ARG


3: UIActionSheet has now gone the way of UIAlertView; meaning you can no longer sub-class it and add subviews. Handy, right? Well github to the rescue; just drop this bad boy in and off you go!

Well that's it for now, back to cleaning up my apps for iOS 8!