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Friday, April 17, 2015

Unity GitIgnore Installer

I whipped up this Automator action to install a "universal"?? .gitignore file into whatever folder you need. This is usually the projects root folder.

I will LINK to this excellent write-up about how to configure Unity for git.

Here's the v0.1 DOWNLOAD.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rename SpriteBuilder Project

So, unless it's easy to rename an existing (like for example a nice game starter package); it will be pretty un-helpful to publish said examples.

So... off I went to discover the steps involved in the renaming process and it boiled down to TWO major steps.

1: Copy and rename the .spritebuilder file (bundle).
2: Once duplicated, rename it - make sure you conform to the standard SpriteBuilder limitations (USE NO SPACES).

3: Right-click and choose "Show Package Contents" to open the bundle folder. Just rename the .ccbproj file.

4: Double-click the Xcode project to open Xcode and proceed to STEP TWO.
In our example we are going to rename "StarterGame.spritebuilder" to "AwesomeProject.spritebuilder".

1: Once open in Xcode, perform a normal rename via the "Name" field in the right column.

Afterwards I usually close and exit Xcode then open the new project in SpriteBuilder, publish and use the shortcut to open Xcode.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Modal Alert for SpriteBuilder

I should add with blocks

This is release 0.1 and it will have several updates including text entry and sliders. Version 0.2 now offers text input along with slider value input. I updated the link to point to v0.2.

For now, grab the sample SpriteBuilder (w/Xcode) project here:


Quick screenshot:

Please see THIS forum thread for more information.