Friday, September 12, 2014

Xcode 6, Simulator & iOS 8

Um yeah so what's up with the "features" in Xcode 6?

1: The "new" Devices window only show about 10-12 lines of the device log - um yeah, thanks Apple, that's helpful! NOT.

2: Being familiar with shortcut key combos; we all know that {CMD} + {SHIFT} + {K} will Klean the build (see what I did there) but now in the simulator there's the SAME combination that will DISABLE the on-screen keyboard. So, make sure your have Xcode selected before you press that key combo! Yeah I futzed around debugging that non-existing problem for about 30 minutes! ARG


3: UIActionSheet has now gone the way of UIAlertView; meaning you can no longer sub-class it and add subviews. Handy, right? Well github to the rescue; just drop this bad boy in and off you go!

Well that's it for now, back to cleaning up my apps for iOS 8!