Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wow, March... already!

Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been crazy busy starting last fall with our prep for X-mas games. We ended up releasing FIVE new easy to play games, all of them also being multi-player (2-player) with full Game Center leaderboards and achievements.

We've released a couple more since the rush and so far the feedback has been great!

During December we also started work on our next Space Sim (see this blog for detail) with most of the month planning, designing and checking out the available development tools.

We decided that it should be TWO things:
1. A 3D game
2. A multi-player game

3D because, well it's a lot more immersive and the devices are way more capable. Multi-player because Ella and I really enjoy playing games like Minecraft (on our own server) and Path of Exile (unique MMOG that's not MM).

That loosely defined our next (ORIGINAL) Space Sim game... Skyport-Alpha. A 3D, multi-player (2-6 players) space game that will be developed using Unity 3D and available for Mac & PC and eventually for iOS (iPad only?) devices.