Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get Ready for Xcode 4 and Get Git!

So I'm stepping up and into the 20th(???) century.. :-D yes, I'm finally using an SCM! W00T!

I can't show any Xcode 4 screenshots (yet) since it is still under NDA but I can say that it is flat out super easy to use Git within Xcode 4. I also won't embarrass myself and tell you how I had been managing my projects before Git.

Here's a very quick overview:

1. Download, install and configure Git.
2. Open up Terminal and type "cd " <- include space, now drag your project folder into the Terminal window and press the {Enter} key.
3. Type "git init" and press the {Enter} key.
4. Open your project with Xcode 4.
5. Choose File -> Source Control -> Commit (shortcut: press {Shift}+{CMD}+c) to open the Commit window.
6. Select all your files and be a good Git user and enter "Initial commit" in the comments.
7. Click the Commit button and wait for it to complete.

That's it... you just created your first Git managed project. As you make modifications to your project you'll see a handy "M" on all files that have been modified since your last commit.

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