Thursday, January 6, 2011

Xcode Updates

Revised: Jan-12-2011 (iOS 4.3 beta1)
I have seen this mentioned quite often while reading the many forums about the steps developers take to resolve problems:

They mention as one of the steps that they even updated Xcode to the newest version. This would mean to me that they were NOT using the newest version to begin with. I cannot think of any reason to NOT install the newest Xcode once it has been approved and released.

Here's what I do and so far, it has never been a problem:

  • Install the newest SDK that you can submit apps with to the default folder ("Developer")
  • Install any beta SDK to a folder named "BetaDev"
Once the "beta" version is released (meaning it's no longer a beta) I delete the "BetaDev" folder and reinstall the new Xcode (into "Developer").

Well isn't that nice that Apple released iOS 4.3 beta just so I could grab some screenshots :-)

During the install, after you agree to your first-born son, etc.

Click the "New Folder" button and enter your folder name (BetaDev)

Now on this screen, confirm the BetaDev (your folder) name and Continue!

In addition I also keep the current "approved" Xcode in my dock and make a new alias ({CMD}+{OPT} while dragging icon) on my desktop. Most of the time once you launch the new beta version of Xcode, it becomes the default (hence the dock icon).


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