Wednesday, December 22, 2010

iOS Game Center Icon Overlay

In case you missed my sample icon I used in the Icon Set Creation Tool, I was using a nice Game Center logo, like all the other social gaming providers use. Well to my dismay I found a post on the Apple developer forums that "we" are not allowed to the Game Center logo in our apps icon. Now I'm not sure its specific to the full size logo which would be pretty dumb, right?

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Apple really screwed-the-pooch on this whole Game Center branding... they are playing it like they are too cool for branding like OpenFeint and the others use... but lets face it, Apple is ALL ABOUT branding...
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Anyhow... got me thinking.

Here is my rendition of a Game Center overlay that you can use for your app, no credit required. If you want to make it better please just drop me a line and I'll share the PSD file with you.

Upper Left logo

Upper Right logo

Lower Left logo

Lower Right logo

You can also download a ZIP FILE HERE.

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