Thursday, January 13, 2011

Standing Desk (trial)

Like many other iOS developers, I too find myself sitting way toooo long. My wife and I have matching (sit down) desks in our home office and they are not really conducive to using blocks or reams of paper, in addition, my iMac is nestled nicely under a hutch style bookcase so lifting it up is out of the question.

Dora the Explorer to the rescue! Yes indeed that is my grand daughters Dora tray table complete with side pockets AND... wait for it.... a CUP HOLDER! You betcha!

I'm on day three and its actually going okay, well using my laptop is nice, I'm clearly out of shape since my feet and back are pretty sore.

To confirm pretty much everyone else's findings... I too have found I have more energy...

It's just not complete without a couple of photos, ;-]

In "free-swivel" mode, nice....

PS I do not use salt or pepper in any of my iOS development!

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