Saturday, December 18, 2010

iOS Icon set Creator


I was updating the icon for Easy Lander and was annoyed every time I wanted to see the update in the Simulator or on my device because I had to take my new 512x512 icon and resize it, a few times.

<fanboy alert!>
This is why I love using a Mac! - AUTOMATOR to the rescue!
</fanboy alert!>

So here's what the Automator workflow does:
Asks for your 512x512 icon image then duplicates it, scales it and renames it, rinse and repeat until all five (5) icons are created.

Icon@2x.png = 114x114
Icon-72.png = 72x72
Icon-Small@2x.png = 58x58
Icon.png = 57x57
IconSmall-50.png = 50x50
Icon-Small.png = 29x29

The workflow WILL NOT overwrite any existing files so make sure to put your 512 image in its own folder.

1000 words.....

Test folder with 512 icon (can be named whatever you want)

Launch Automator app and click the Run button...
Browse to and select your 512 icon file
This is where the "magic" happens (lol!)

Completed folder with shiny new icons, yeah!

In the zip file is a second Automator "application" named "Create iOS Iconset Droplet". You don't run this application you simply drop your 512 icon onto it and the magic happens... sweet right? I know... :-]

Download link CLICK ME


  1. Thank you!
    Currently finishing my first app. I will definitely use it.

    ps: I love using Mac too :)

  2. Your welcome Dave. I'm still using it, mostly the droplet, just drag my new 512 icon and wham, complete set!