Friday, September 17, 2010

Testing Your Game Center Apps

Update: October 6th, 2010 - looks like there are some new Sandbox screens. I'll try and update the images.

So now that you can access Game Center on your (compatible) iOS device running 4.1 (or higher). Testing your own GC apps is now a bit of a snafu.

Here's what I have found: First, you'll need to get your app setup in iTunes Connect (see Apple Docs). You'll need to test a debug or ad-hoc build, I have found both of these builds will work (in case you see it posted elsewhere that you must use a debug only build). 

Once you install your test app on your device;
1. Launch Game Center and tap your email, select "Sign Out" and now close Game Center.
2. Open Settings, tap Store and tap logout (this helped me once and I still do it, not sure if it's required but it certainly won't hurt). 
3. Now launch your test app and sign-in with a sandbox test account OR (better still) create a new account. 
Note: I use a bogus email account since I don't have email addresses hanging around for testing purposes. I will try to grab and post a screen-shot because once you launch the sandbox version of GC you'll notice the new account setup screen is noticeably different.

First Clue: Login to sandbox:

Sandbox Signup:

Production Signup:


  1. Hi,

    I am trying to setup game center. It works fine on the simulator but i cannot get into sandbox mode on my ipod touch 4g.

    Is there a crucial step i am missing?

  2. Hi Ashley - that sounds odd. Just to clarify, in the simulator you are prompted to log into the Game Center sandbox?

    Try this: On your iPod, open the Game Center app and select your account and then "Sign Out". Now launch your app and hopefully you will see the sandbox login alert pop-up.

    Edit: I updated the post to match the current Game Center verbiage.