Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stable or Cutting Edge?

So... when you are developing your next awesome cocos2d game / app which approach do you use?

[stable approach]
1. Take the stable release and never look back (forward).

[cutting edge approach]
2. Take the newest release and revise your application and always look forward.

I've been using the cutting edge approach on LoH and it's been okay but I'm sure I'd be further along if I took the (easier) path. You end up refactoring your code when and if things change but we are so close to version 1.0 that I think it's easier to keep up incrementally vs one huge update later on.

Cutting Edge
* Use the newest features and functions (like easily integrate UIKit stuff, e.g. Email / Game Center)
* Quick support on bug fixes and patches
* Enhances code

* Slower / longer development cycle
* Re-factor code
* Fix errors and debug

Is there a third option I have overlooked?

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