Monday, July 25, 2011

10.7 and iOS Production Environment

Well over the weekend I made the switch to 10.7 Lion. I performed a clean install, mostly because my 10.6 had more crap installed than I care to admit. About the only thing I may miss is MacPorts / ImageMagik.

I checked several blogs and noticed the trend was posting how to make Lion like 10.6 SL.... ????

Yeah, guess we're a bit afraid of change, aren't we.. ?

So far I'm all set after just a couple of days; YES I can scroll backwards, er I mean natural scrolling ;-)

Just one thing that is going to give me Carpal Tunnel and that is with my MagicPad I used to be able to tap-tap and drag to select text or drag an item in Finder. Yeah, that's gone, so now about all I can do as a replacement is to enable three-finger drag... um yeah I'm not sure how long before that feels natural... I look like someone with, oops sorry, need to be politcally correct. We'll leave it at it sure feels awkward.

My iMac is now one revision old, a 3.06GHz 21.5" model and it wails with 10.7 installed but I'm a firm believer in clean installs. :-)

So I've been mostly working today and I'm nearly used to the new scrolling method and am in the process of build and testing with Xcode v4.1 (love the new analyzer!). I hope to submit YAU (yet another update) after v1.2.2 gets approved (WARP gce) so I'll post any problems. Just remember to deselect the System Tools on your Beta Xcode installs and you should be golden. Oh yeah... made a trip to Terminal to "mkdir /Beta" since the Xcode installer wouldn't let me create a new root folder, eh?

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