Friday, June 3, 2011

Speed up Xcode 4

Love it or hate it... Xcode 4 is here to stay...

Browsing the Apple forums I happened upon a post with the most excellent comment from crisB regarding speeding up Xcode 4.

My Xcode 4 was PAINFULLY slow...

Basically you need to remove the workspace file from the contents of your project.

Here's a before and after shot. My project's file was 50MB's and my Xcode 4 was running EXTREMELY slooooooow; I would have the spinning beach ball for several MINUTES!!

So this Automator workflow / droplet basically deletes the "project.xcworkspace" from the file you select or drop.



PS What the heck happened to May!!!


  1. I hate to be stupid but I have never used automator. How do you use a droplet?

  2. No problem, a droplet is an app that you just drop something on to. So in this case you drop your Xcode . xcodeproj file on to it and it just runs. No questions, no muss no fuss.

    I have my icon creator sitting in my dock and I'll probably put this one there too so I can just drag my . xcodeproj file to it.

  3. It seems to work! I was desperate and I planned to buy a new mac... Thanks a lot! My old project was 60MB then 45MB.

  4. Glad it helped, seems the newer Xcode 4.2 (beta) has corrected this problem since I haven't had to clean my iOS 5 projects.

  5. What's Xcode doing with and without this file installed?

  6. The files saves your settings; window layout, what file was opened, etc. Once it has been removed Xcode treats it as a newly created project, with respect to its own settings.