Thursday, September 26, 2013

Xcode 5 - Fixing Simulator Install Errors

With the GM release of Xcode 5 - building and testing seem okay with iOS 7 however many times when you build and run for iOS 6 the simulator will fail to install your build.

As a work around, INSTEAD of deleting the app from the simulator, just browse to the simulators folder, open the 6.1 (or whatever version you are having the error on), open Applications then find your app and open that folder. Now just remove the .app bundle.

This should allow your new build to install but you SHOULD NOT loose all your settings, saved games, preferences, etc.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prevent Older Apps From Installing

The wonderful black-hole that is iOS development, we (as in all Developers) were informed (not by Apple but by a tech blog) that users can install older versions of apps even AFTER you have released an update.

Yeah, me too... I was like WHAT???? Anyhow, just before I got kicked off the Apple Developer forums (seems I was a bit too vocal) several developers confirmed that yes Veronica there are Angels, er wait no.... When you select the checkbox entitled "Are you upgrading for a legal reason" (<- purposely using the OLD text, notice how they have magically updated the text so it is now only 30% unclear of what it means). This will prevent a user on an older, no longer supported version of iOS, say iOS 4.x from instaling on older version of your app.

Really this IS great news for users and crap-tastic for developers. One question immediately comes to mind, though:

1. If we DO NOT check that box (like I have NEVER, because I've never had to update FOR A LEGAL REASON!) but we DO REMOVE an older version in our Game Center compatibility, what does Apple do???

So there you have it, in all it's Apple-vagueness.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Icon set Creator v2.0 (iOS7)

Previous post here: iOS Icon set Creator

So here's what the updated Automator workflow does:
Asks for your base (512x512 OR 1024x1024) icon image then duplicates it, scales it and renames it, rinse and repeat until all thirteen (13) icons are created.

Notes: If you use 1024 size you can (and should) use that icon to upload to iTunes Connect.

Icon-120.png = 120x120
Icon-144.png = 144x144
Icon-152.png = 152x152
Icon-72.png = 72x72
Icon-76.png = 76x76
Icon-Med-40.png =40x40
Icon-Med-40@2x.png = 80x80
Icon-Small-50.png = 50x50
Icon-Small-50@2x.png = 100x100
Icon-Small.png = 29x29
Icon-Small@2x.png = 58x58
Icon.png = 57x57
Icon@2x.png = 114x114

The workflow WILL NOT overwrite any existing files so make sure to put your base image in its own folder.

1000 words.....

Test folder with 1024 icon (can be named whatever you want)

Launch Automator app and click the Run button...
Browse to and select your 512 icon file
This is where the "magic" happens (lol!)

Completed folder with shiny new icons, yeah!
(Very old image)

In the zip file is a second Automator "application" named "Create iOS Iconset Droplet iOS7". You don't run this application you simply drop your 1024 icon onto it and the magic happens... sweet right? I know... :-]

To use the droplet, just drag the droplet to your Dock. Now when you need a set of icons, place your master image in a folder, then drag it on top of the droplet and give it about 3 seconds and its done. This has a permanent home in my Dock.

Updated: 14-09-2013 - removed the "[ ]" in the name - this caused a problem for some on the droplet. No need to re-download, simply rename and remove the brackets. Thanks @Dragyn at cocos2d forums!

Download link: CLICK ME